Long-term Development

Through cultural exchanges, we link urban and rural populations to lasting development plans.
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So far, Laotu has...

  • Created “Once Say,” an online English and Tibetan language-learning pairing project
  • Produced the Three River Origins National Park "Once See" documentary cultural research project
  • Researched and directed a documentary on the 40 years of China Economic Reform for CCTV-9 (China Central Television Documentary Channel)
  • Jointly organized the world's first cave symphony concert in Enshi Tenglong cave
  • Curated for HUI, the first Chinese female clothing brand that settled in Milan Fashion Week, curating multimedia video exhibition on the traditional culture of China’s ethnic minorities for 2019 Milan Fashion Week
  • Produced the original song “Futian” with the support of Shenzhen Futian Special Fund for Culture, to celebrate the 40 years of China’s economic reform and 70 years of the founding of PRC