Original Educational Programs & Green Lifestyles

We inspire and lead modern, green lifestyles through a series of original educational programs.
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Here are some of our programs and courses:

  • “Natural Courses of Shenzhen,” supported by Futian District Political and Law Committee
  • Story Food” exhibition at the 2017-2018 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, fathering over 200 participants from local villages, rural-urban migrant communities, and Shenzhen itself
  • “Nature Course” based on local culture at Puhan cooperative, Shanxi
  • Forest education classes for nearly a thousand left-behind children, parents, and teachers from rural first-tier cities China, created in cooperation with Waldkindergarten Eichhörnchen e.V. Tübingen, one of the oldest forest kindergartens in Germany
  • The “Zero-Waste Festival,” which teaches communities and employees to follow zero-waste lifestyles through seminars and artistic creations,  created in cooperation with the Vanke Foundation
  • “Course in the Mountain” and “Nature Course” — China’s first rural, immersive educational trips which guide hundreds of students and children through national parks. Since these programs began in 2017, participants have recalled the experience to be life-changing
  • A plastic reduction advocacy event for Shenzhen Cuizhu Foreign Language Experimental School, which prompted various government agencies, media organizations, and NGOs to participate
  • Experimental workshops featuring urban-rural integration with nature and the arts, created in partnership with One Foundation & Shenzhen Futian Youth League Committee
  • Nature and music themed workshops designed to create relief for migrant children, created in partnership with Shenzhen Longhua Youth League Committee